To introduce myself, my name is Cas, a 22 years old student at the University of Technology in Delft. AboutI am a second years master student at the faculty of computer science, who is always looking for new challenges.

What I will do
My interests center around Security, Politics and Robotics. My first robot ‘Mika’ I built in a multidisciplinary team and finished in January this year. My plans are to change the dutch political environment with my ideas, create a virtual-reality device using the brain mechanics for dreaming and to create a robot with human AI. Mika is the first step made in accomplishing my third plan.

What am I looking for
Life is all about challenges and I love life. You can do a lot by yourself but even more when you are working together. The best team is not the one which has the best team members but the one in which the team members can work best together.
In any kind of teamwork I look for at least loyalty, honesty, optimism, respect and trust. If you have a challenge and can find yourself in these values, let me know. I am always looking forward to a new challenge on the road.