What is really important

Every day you will face many situations in which you will have to make a choice between one thing or another. Do you let your current feeling decide or do you have reasons to choose one thing above the other?

Meeting with your girlfriend or spending some time with your friends? Meeting with your friends or studying? Watching a film or going outside to run? Take this once in a lifetime offer or instead help a friend in need? People tend to choose what will satisfy their current needs as those are most important in that moment of chosing but there is more in life than your current needs.
Have you ever thought about the future? Have you thought about what this choice will mean for your future self?
Not only the current matters to what you choose, everything will result in having some kind of effect on your future and you should take this into consideration before making a choice.

When I was younger I made choices without thinking, as long as it would make me happy for the next few hours I would be satisfied. When I grew older, I set some principles for myself (I might write about them in the future) and took the time before making a choice. Waging the choices against my principles.
I have spend evenings and nights thinking about what would have happened if I would have made different choices when I was younger, what would have become of me. But the past does not guarantee anything for the future, just like in sport. Being an olympic champion this time, doesn’t mean you will be an olympic champion next time as well.

No matter what you choose, it will affect your future, but there are many ways in which you can guide this effect. I created my personal set of principles and I made a list of prioritisation, both I am using when I need to make a choice. Since I have been using them, I feel like guiding my life into a certain direction again, being the captain of my own ship. It doesn’t matter what kind of effect my choice will have for the future as I have made sure that it cannot have particular effects.
No matter what will happen, I will have chosen that what I found important, I made a choice my future self can live with and would make again if he would been given the opportunity. This is what principles and a prioritisation list can mean for you, it forces you to think about what is really important in life again.

A set of principles won’t fall out of the sky, it is the result of choosing a particular way of life. Once a principle is made, you will never cross it again. Your set of principles will in some way define who you are, it is the manifestation of a part of you but in words.
It will develop during your life or it may stay the same, that depends on what kind of person you are but for everyone there are some principles that will define their most basic actions and reasoning. If you succeed in finding these principles (a strong intuition could make this unncessary, but it is still useful to have done), your life will become much easier as you will have the guidelines for making decisions right in your hand.

Supporting this with a list of prioritisation will give you the ultimate tool to make decisions very quick and precise without making a mistake. Your choices will reflect more who you are and you will guarantee that the choices you make will result in getting closer to the future you wish for yourself (through the list of prioritisation).

What this entire article is about?
No, it is not about defining a set of principles or making a list of prioritsation. This article is all about you thinking about your life and how you want it to become. It is about you discovering who you actually are and what you want to achieve in life. For those who want to try creating the set of principles and the list of prioritisation, it works for me, that is not a lie but remember that you cannot throw your entire life in the hands of a piece of paper. You will have to keep thinking about what you really want in life and you should adjust your way of life to achieve this, making the changes, like changing the job, no matter how difficult it is for you.

This is your life and only you decide what the future will bring you.