How dependent are you on your smartphone?

People are making photographs with their smartphones, writing notes on them to remember, keeping a calendar for important dates, storing music to play on the road and of course storing phone numbers on it in case you want to make a call.

You are not walking on the street with an mp3 player in your pocket to listen to music, just as you don’t have to walk home to call this one person that lives too far away. We are not bound to the limits of using different devices for different purposes as technology has given us the possibility of combining it all into one device. But is this actually an advantage?

I am having a smartphone with me pretty often, just not when I go to work or when I don’t want anyone to be able to reach me. It is useful to be able to call someone or to send and show them a photograph by using one and the same device, it made my life a lot simpler.
If people could overcome the limit of their battery, they might never put their phone away anymore and wear it with them for the rest of their life. Seeing it as one of the necessary things in life. But where something is giving you lots of advantages, it is normal to ask yourself how you’re paying the price.

Just take a nice place to sit down, this could be on your couch, in a chair or just comfortable on the floor. When you took your place, empty your mind and imagine that your phone just exploded, it is completely gone and nothing of your phone could be saved.
Think about what you will have lost in that instant before continuing reading.

If you took the time, you would be able to come up with different kind of things. I will give you my quick summary if you didn’t want to think about it yourself: phone numbers, photos, videos, voice recordings, notes, music, documents and your calendar.
These are the things I came up with what might have been lost, in case you were not prepared.
We are profiting from the advantages of technology everyday but how little time do we actually spend in finding out the disadvantages of what we are using and to think about how to overcome them.

It won’t take hours to write the numbers on a piece of paper you save in your room, just as it won’t take so long to copy your photographs onto your laptop or another back-up device. The same as with the photographs you can do with your videos, voice recordings, notes, music, documents and your calendar.
That we have new technology, doesn’t mean we should completely rely on them. Be wary that one day, it can be gone in an instant. There will be no way back and you will be hitting yourself in the face that you didn’t take some time to prepare yourself for this.

My advice for you: “don’t postpone something to tomorrow what can be done today”. Fix these issues right after reading and become less dependent on your smartphone!